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Our courts are now based at Meadowbank Tennis Courts, Meadowbank Park, Constitution Road, Meadowbank.

We have members from a range of ages, from promising children, competitive youths, adults, to seniors and veterans.  Skill levels range from learners to well coached and mentored players. Generally, our members all enjoy playing tennis outdoors, competitively and socially.

Another aspect of our Membership is the rich variety of background and heritage each member bring to the Association, each with the common interest and that of embracing tennis as a long term sport. We have Chinese descendants from different original ethnic groups from China and Hong Kong, then we have Chinese born in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines to name a few, of course including local born Chinese and all Australians.

We are a very inclusive group of tennis members with backgrounds from as far as the UK, Europe and including New Zealand.

The Committee of 2015 has set about work developing the logo, a new website and started the process of rebuilding the Association into the future.  The Committee provided greater access to members and is encouraging the younger members to take an interest in the Administration of the Association. The process now continues with the coaching of Junior Members and any interested Member of the Association.

This year 2018, the Association has the enlisted the skills and expertise of “Professor” Ms Amy Tang and Mr. Leo Wang and senior volunteer Members to develop all our Members with some interesting program – both for the young and not so young who are keen to play this lifetime sport. [Check our News & Events page for details].

Our Chinese Tennis Community has grown and spread into greater suburban Sydney over the years and now there are social groups playing all over the state of New South Wales.

The Association still remain true to its goal of providing a Community Sport wherein Members from various backgrounds can meet, socialise, maintain contact, and compete in a healthy environment.

As a part of this process  we seek amongst our membership, members who would like to be a part of this transformation, members who has the skills and knowledge to bring to the Administration of the Association.

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